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5 reasons why Ask for Angela is important

Picture of one of the posters, original image

Ask for Angela is a code word safety scheme. It is set up so if you are feeling uneasy on a date you can tell the bar staff with no fuss. You go up to bar and ‘Ask for Angela’ that works as a signal to the bar staff, who  will then help get you out of that situation. So why is it so important?

Creator of Ask for Angela, Hayley Childs, believes her scheme is very important due to the possibility of someone Catfishing you.

“We are in an age of internet dating where anyone can pretend to be anyone. The first meeting in a bar could cause people to become very vulnerable. Ask for Angela provides a safety net for those feeling at risk.” Angela explains.

Here are a few other reasons.

  1. If you are feeling uncomfortable with someone you are on a date with, in the past you may have felt like there was no escape. But now because of the Ask for Angela scheme, you know help is a few meters away at the bar.


2. Ask for Angela was created for men and women.



3. According to Rape Crisis UK approximately 85,000 women are raped in England and Wales every year. If you are feeling uneasy about the person you are on a date with,          trust your gut instinct and Ask for Angela.


4. Ask for Angela is designed to be subtle with very little fuss, so you don’t have to worry about a massive scene being caused when you approach the bar. The bar staff know to be discreet, to keep you safe and call you a taxi.


  1. The scheme is simple which is important due to the fact if you are at a bar/pub chances are you won’t be completely sober. So even with a blurry head and vision, if the date takes a weird turn it is not difficult to get help.



All pictures are copy right free, taken from creative commons.



20 year old student journalist, based in Kent.

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