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Canterbury student bar backs safety campaign

By Megan Aldous

A Canterbury student bar is backing a code word scheme to keep people safe on dates.

The Penny Theatre, in Northgate Road, are supporting the Ask for Angela scheme created for the #NoMore campaign. 

The project allows people to go to the bar and ask staff for “Angela” if they feel uncomfortable.

The bar crew will then know you need help and want to leave.

Penny Theatre deputy manager Pete Gater explained why they are on board

The Ask for Angela posters are in the toilets, as requested by the creator of the scheme Hayley Child.

Hayley, a sexual abuse and violence coordinator, wants the information to be available, but not visible by the bar. This is to avoid fuss being made by others around you at the bar, if you ask for Angela.


The posters I printed and displayed in The Penny Theatre toilets

The bar team are key with making this scheme work, Pete has informed all members of staff what to do if someone Asks for Angela.

“The staff know that if someone asks for Angela to come and get a manager, and we will help them out of any situation they are in.” Pete explains.

The scheme started in Lincolnshire, almost every bar there is now running the campaign in their pub or bar. Hayley Childs, explains what the future holds for Ask for Angela.

“The next step is to relaunch the #NoMore campaign in February as planned, and to continue to challenge culture relating to Sexual Violence and abuse. Also, to develop on the Ask for Angela theme, at present I’m thinking of some ideas but nothing is set in stone yet.” Hayley reveals.

The #NoMore campaign is dedicated to changing the culture around sexual violence and abuse.If you would like to get your hands on a poster to put in your local bar/pub they are available here.



20 year old student journalist, based in Kent.

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