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Feeling unsafe on a date? A campaign to help has been launched.

The code word  Ask for Angela poster, downloaded from here

Hayley Childs, a Sexual Violence and Abuse Coordinator, has launched “Ask for Angela” to help those who are feeling uncomfortable on a date. It has been created as part of the #Nomore Campaign, which is dedicated to raising awareness on sexual abuse and violence.

Ask Angela works as a code word for those in a situation they want to escape from. You simply go to the bar and “Ask for Angela”, this will then alert the bar staff to help get you out safely with very little fuss.

The Campaign was originally just going to be based in Lincolnshire,  but after creating such a buzz on social media it has gone global.  So, what made Hayley create the poster?

“I wanted to engage with pubs and clubs with the #NoMore campaign as a significant amount of sexual violence and abuse is alcohol related.  I recognised that people are often meeting people from the internet, especially for the first time in bars and clubs.” Hayley child explains.

The poster is named Angela in memory of Angela Cromptom, who was tragically murdered by her husband in 2012. Hayley also likes how the name sounds like Angel.

Almost ALL pubs and bars in Lincolnshire have the posters on display. Hayley tells me what is next for the campaign.

“The next step is to relaunch the #NoMore campaign in February as planned, and to continue to challenge culture relating to Sexual Violence and abuse. Also, to develop on the Ask for Angela theme, at present I’m thinking of some ideas but nothing is set in stone yet.”

If you are interested in getting your hands on an Ask For Angela poster download it for free here.



20 year old student journalist, based in Kent.

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