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This is my body project

Are you having self esteem issues? Does it feel like no one else understands? What if I told you there was an online group to help you and fill you with confidence..  Megan Aldous reveals

In 2016 it can be difficult to use social media and not have your mood affected. You are constantly having to scroll through posts of perfect lives. The pictures of flawless faces and amazing bodies, which are just so far from your own. It is hard to not have those “why don’t I look like that” moments.

I conducted a survey which revealed that 64% of people, said that social media has a negative impact on their confidence and self-esteem. However I am happy to reveal that there is a place on Facebook to help you with that. The page is called ‘This is my body project’.

Emma Kennedy, a helper for the page explains how the page works.

The page currently has over 19,000 likes and is full of posts from the members puckering up the courage to post their imperfections. One of these members is, mother of one, Alyce Antoinette. Alyce reveals how posting a picture and being part of the page helped her confidence.

“The site shows that everyone has insecurities, even the people you think have no reason to.”

This project was also a big part of how Emma Kennedy re-gained her confidence, after gaining weight due to a medical condition.

“I was a size 8 but now due to health problems I am a size 18. This project has been a really important resource for me in coming to terms with me weight gain.” The 27-year-old explains.

When the page first started Emma Kennedy created a post showing the followers the difference Photoshop makes.

This is the picture which Emma Kennedy submitted to TIMBP. Left photo, Photo credit: Nils Bratby, Hair credit: Liam Bray, Make-up credit: Erin Kristensen

Emma went on to say : “At the time when it was created I was a size 8 and successfully modelling. I would post heavily airbrushed photo-shoot images of myself, next to pictures of me at home in my dressing gown with cellulite, stretch marks and no makeup.

“It was my way of saying I don’t look like the girls in magazines either and I have my own hang ups as much as the next person. Photoshop doesn’t reflect real life and we should stop comparing ourselves to unrealistic standards.

“What you see in the media just isn’t real so it isn’t something we should be striving for. We should be looking for self-acceptance and happiness in our own skin.”

*Survey results based on a survey I conducted featuring 60 people

Featured image of legs- Taken from Creative Commons – KatyB photography.



20 year old student journalist, based in Kent.

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