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Take part in the women’s march

On January 21, the women’s march is taking place in London. The march is dedicated to the women whose lives are restricted due to war and conflict.

Previous Women’s Mach picture taken from Creative Commons

It is hoped people will come from all over the world to take part in the march, both male and female are invited.

The march begins at 12pm at Grosvenor Square, at 12:30pm it then marches through Park Lane, to Piccadilly, carrying on through Pall Mall and stopping at Trafalgar square. A rally will then be held at Trafalgar Square.

Map showing the route of the march

Members from the Suffolk Feminist Society will be attending the march. Jade Forbes, member of the society, had this to say about it.

I’m going because I believe in our collective power to impact change for all those facing oppression under and as a result of Trumps presidency. I want to show my daughter all the wonderful things she can do, be, and help others to become.”

Women for Women International are supporting and attending the March. Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Executive director,  for the organization said:

“Women for Women International is supporting the Women’s March on London because it has never been more important for women and men to come together to foster equality. Through our work in countries affected by conflict and war we know that women disproportionately pay the price for inequality. Women are disproportionately affected by poverty and they are disproportionately affected by violence that results from conflict.

“Equality is paramount for all of us and it will take us all to achieve it. As a women’s rights organisation, Women for Women International is delighted to play a leading part in the strive towards greater equality. The Women’s March on London will be a powerful expression of our unity and commitment to an equal world for all. Please join us.”

If you are unable to participate in the march but would still like to be involved, get in touch with Women for Women International as they are creating cards for the day which you can put your name on.

Register your attendance here



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