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Meet the Vicious Kittens

When you think of a model the first thing that comes to mind is a tall, skinny, angelic looking woman. Right?

If you flick through magazines the majority of models are size 6-8, and the few size 10’s that make the cut are considered plus size. But what if I told you not ALL models are the same? Modelling group Vicious Kittens challenge the stereotypical expectations of models.

Vicious Kittens are a group of alternative female models handpicked for their beauty and individuality. The group consists of over 250 members who are all unique in their own way.

Emma Kennedy, creator of Vicious Kittens,  explains the group in greater detail.


The models come from all over the UK, and use the Facebook page to share their success and look out for each other. The women meet up for socials and produce a yearly calendar which the public can buy from their online shop.

Photo from one of the calendars. Models: Ebony Ivy, Pixie Suicide, MUA Erin Kristensen and Lucretia Levana. Photographer: Nils Bratby

I spoke to Vicious Kittens Model Tori to hear her thoughts on the group.

“It has given me a confidence boost. Everyone is supported and everyone can feel beautiful. No matter what their style, size, hair colour, tattoos, piercings. I also love the fact everyone gets together to do the calendar. A lot of the girls help each other out and warn each other about dodgy photographers and models, which you don’t find on other sites. Emma is amazing, she is so helpful and will always take the time to talk to the girls.”

VK model Tori. Photo credit: Davie Gilfillan





Image displayed at the top of the page credit:

Models: Roxy Rain and Lucretia Levana

Photographer: Michael Lake – Diesel Punk Studios




20 year old student journalist, based in Kent.

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