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Keeping models safe

Emma Kennedy, plus-size model, has set up a modelling safety group. The page is there so the members can warn each other about dodgy photographers, and any bad experiences they have in the industry.

The page has been used to keep each other safe and even win court cases. Emma explains in greater detail :

“The group is somewhere models who have suffered harassment, level pushing or sexual abuse can come to for support and guidance. It’s been instrumental in helping some women win court cases and get back to modelling. It has also stopped some girls getting into sticky situations via the safety tips we share.”

Emma Kennedy, Original picture.

The 27-year-old knows a model which was raped by a photographer. Emma talks me through what else models have experienced.

“Some photographers can be very rude to work with, some just completely stand you up and then there’s the more more serious cases. Sometimes men pose as women casting directors, and pretend they are an agency to lure the models into meeting them.  So, these are all things we look out for and report back to each other.”

Emma in action as Pixie Suicide (her model name) Photo credit: J Totham photography and MUA Joanna Strange

The safety page is a secret Facebook group so it won’t show up on Facebook search. It was available to anyone but Emma had to change this.

“Anyone wishing to join would need to be referred and vouched for, by an existing member and then have a little chat with me before being added. This is to make sure that no one breeches the confidentiality and safety of the group, by doing things like screenshotting others posts and passing them back to photographers. We have had this happen in the past which is an instant ban.” Emma clarifies.

The featured image at the top of the page – photo credit: Jack Canning



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