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64% of people say social media is bad for their confidence

Long gone are the days of only communicating with people face to face, it seems we are now the generation that hides behind our smartphones. From group WhatsApp chats to silly Snapchats, we are constantly in contact with people. But what affect does this have on us? Megan Aldous investigates

The main thing you see on social media is people posting the highlights of their lives.  Uploads of when they are looking their best, when they are at cool places and when they are surrounded by friends. Which leads you to the question, why isn’t my life like that?

I will be the first to admit, that social media has made me feel bad about myself on several occasions. You scroll through picture after picture of beautiful girls with perfect bodies, and then compare yourself to them. I look down at my own body and feel like a marshmallow flump.

I conducted a survey to see how many other people had experienced what I have. The results showed that just under 64% of people agreed, that social media has a bad effect on their confidence and self-esteem. 60 people, both male and female, took part in the questionnaire ranging from the age of 18 to over 35.


Pie chart of my survey results


Therapist Sandra Moulou believes “the perfect trend” on social media,  is the reason behind peoples confidence being affected.



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20 year old student journalist, based in Kent.

2 thoughts on “64% of people say social media is bad for their confidence

  1. Reblogged this on Best You Project and commented:
    I recently gave up Facebook, mainly because it had a become a bad habit of checking it just for the sake of checking it but also because the negative rants and nasty jibes at other people (mainly Indy Ref2 hatred towards Nicola Sturgeon) had started to outweigh the good, useful, nice or heartfelt posts so it was time to turn it off.

    I have known for some time it has effects on confidence and self-worth for so many and this excellent post solidifies that. Is it time you also gave up Facebook or other social media that you use too much?


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