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‘School pressure is causing bad mental health’

A Kent therapist believes the pressure put on young people at sixth form is to blame for their mental health issues.

Sandra Moulou, Kent therapist,  revealed that in her profession she has seen a rise in the amount of teenagers being prescribed strong anti-depressants. She explains why she thinks this is.

Sandra believes the only thing schools care about is high marks and it is resulting in the pupils mental health suffering.

“There is no support out there for them it is just popping pills. To give young people the message that  whatever you do isn’t going to be good enough, is like giving a jail sentence and that’s what you’ve got to carry with you for the rest of your life.” Sandra Moulou goes on.

The Therapist doesn’t think this crisis is being taken seriously. Sandra reveals why she is so worried.

If you need someone to talk to the Samaritans are here to help or you can get in touch with Sandra.

Featured image at the top of page was taken from Creative Commons



20 year old student journalist, based in Kent.

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