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This section of the site is dedicated to body image, something most women struggle with.

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64% of people say social media is bad for their confidence

Long gone are the days of only communicating with people face to face, it seems we are now the generation that hides behind our smartphones. From group WhatsApp chats to silly Snapchats, we are constantly in contact with people. But what affect does this have on us? Megan Aldous investigates Continue reading “64% of people say social media is bad for their confidence”

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Meet the Vicious Kittens

When you think of a model the first thing that comes to mind is a tall, skinny, angelic looking woman. Right?

If you flick through magazines the majority of models are size 6-8, and the few size 10’s that make the cut are considered plus size. But what if I told you not ALL models are the same? Modelling group Vicious Kittens challenge the stereotypical expectations of models. Continue reading “Meet the Vicious Kittens”